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Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics
Geoffrey K. Vallis

This book contains material on four general topics: (i) fundamentals of GFD (including equations of motion, effects of stratification and rotation etc.); (ii) waves, instabilities and turbulence (including wave-mean flow interaction and geostrophic turbulence); (iii) the general circulation of the atmosphere (theory of Hadley and Ferrel Cell, theories of stratification, maintenance of the westerlies etc.); (iv) the general circulation of ocean (gyres, theory of the overturning circulation, thermocline theory etc.).

The book is available both as a conventional printed book and as an ebook (see the Browse and Buy page).

Reference: Vallis, G. K., 2006. Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics. Cambridge University Press, 745 pp. (Bibtex reference)

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