The second edition of this book has now appeared.
Please see for details.


Part 1: Fundamentals of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (pdf, 1.0MB; ppt, 3.7MB)
Part 2: Instabilities, Wave-mean Flow Interactions and Turbulence (pdf, 2.0MB; ppt, 6.6MB)
Part 3: Large-scale Atmospheric Circulation (pdf, 3.2MB; ppt, 9.0MB)
Part 4: Large-scale Oceanic Circulation (pdf, 2.4MB; ppt, 5.3MB)
These figures are the same as those in the book itself, except that some of the these figures are in colour.

If you use these figures in a presentation or a publication, please reference:
Vallis, G. K., 2006. Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics: Fundamentals and Large-scale Circulation. Cambridge University Press. 745 pp.

Request for extra material

You are encouraged to submit additional material on atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics. This material might be: (i) Discussion of material already in the book; (ii) Pedagogic material on topics not covered - for example, notes on tropical instability waves, or jets on Jupiter; (iii) Additional problems; (iv) Additional solutions. All material should be submitted in PDF form using, if possible, LaTeX. For problems and solutions, you may wish to use the template provided, sol-template.tex (see template in PDF format), and please also submit the LaTeX source. Contributions should be sent to the author . Your name and affiliation should appear on the contributions, and will also be noted on the web site itself unless you demur. Thank you very much.